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Five simple steps to great advice

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Have you been considering speaking to a financial adviser, but are wondering what to expect and how the insurance advice process works?

We have broken it down into 5 simple steps to help you make the most out of the advice process: 1. Getting to know you

What are your priorities? Your financial adviser will sit down with you to discuss your current situation, goals, and what makes you tick. What are your most valued assets? Who should your insurance benefits or pay-out go to? Are your family and/or business protected? What plans have you got in place? 2. Planning and research

Your adviser will go away and do their homework - putting together a proposal that best aligns with your values and future vision, whilst comparing products and providers, and negotiating rates to get you the best deal possible. 3. The "nitty gritty"

Your adviser will explain your personalised plan and answer your questions in a "jargon-free zone", so you feel confident and fully-informed of your options. 4. Applications and negotiations

To take the hassle out of dealing with insurance and home loan providers directly, your adviser will assist in getting your paperwork sorted, and even negotiate terms and conditions with providers on your behalf. 5. We're with you for the long haul

As your situation changes over time, it's important to ensure your cover moves with you. Your financial adviser will regularly check in with you and review and update your needs as appropriate. Whether it's changes to your circumstances or the event of a claim, you can have peace of mind knowing your trusted financial adviser will take care of the boring stuff, allowing you to get back to what really matters. For a free, no obligation chat with a Priority adviser, contact us today. An Adviser Disclosure Statement is available free and upon request.

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