Who Are We?

Priority Financial Services is authorized to provide a financial advice service under alicense issued under the Financial Markets Authority.

What Service Do We Offer?

We specialize in providing life insurance and home loan solutions from our approved insurance and home loan providers to help you manage life’s bumps in the road.

Our Approved Product Providers Are:

Insurance Providers
AIA, Asteron Life, chubb, Partners Life, nib, Accuro, Bizcap
Home Loan Providers
ANZ, BNZ, SBS, Sovereign (AIA), Resimac, Heartland Bank, Bluestone, Unity,Liberty, Avanti, Prospa, ASB, WestPac, HomeSec, Cooperative Bank

What Do Our Services Cost?

Insurance and Home Loans
You will not be charged a fee, at any time, for any advice given even if you do not take any of the insurance cover recommended for you.

How Am I Remunerated?

Commissions From Product Providers
Our approved product providers pay Priority Financial Services a commission when you purchase a financial product (such as an insurance product or home Loan product) and on an ongoing annual basis. In some cases, our approved product providers may also pay an additional variable commission.

During the advice process, I will inform you of all commissions payable and who will receive them.

Referral commissions - In some circumstances, your financial adviser may refer you to another professional (for example, an investment adviser or general insurance adviser). In return, your financial adviser may receive a share of the commission payable to the professional. Likewise, if another professional refers you to a financial adviser, they may receive a share of the commission payable to the financial adviser.
Other Incentives
From time to time our product providers may offer your financial adviser other forms of incentives. These may include, for example, tickets to an event such as a rugby game. During the advice process, I will inform you of any material incentives that they receive as a result of the advice provided to you.

How Do You Know You're Getting The Right Advice?

We pride ourselves on the high standards in the industry.
We receive training and must also follow our advice process. Our advice process is designed to ensure that recommendations are made based on your goals and circumstances and are suitable for you.
To make sure that you are getting the right advice we may time to time have an external audit of our processes to monitor our work and, if we find something that’s not quite right, we will fix it for you.
These processes help us to manage conflicts of interest relating to the commissions we receive.

What Duties Do We Have As Financial Advisers?

As your financial advisers, we have legal duties relating to the advice we give. We are required to:
This is a summary of these duties. More information is available by contacting us or by visiting the Financial Markets Authority website.

Conflict of Interest

To ensure that I prioritise your interests, I follow an advice process that ensures my recommendations are made based on your goals and circumstances. I am under no contractual obligation to promote any one product over another.
Priority Financial Services Ltd takes steps to manage any conflicts of interest. These steps include the following: